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The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is a global movement of 172 years of existence, with a presence in 119 countries serving more than 58 million people. In the YMCA Medellin our strength resides in the programs and projects with social sense that we in each one of the communities where we are present; which can be adapted to each situation and context of the city of Medellin and eastern Antioquia. The resilience, respect, dignity and solidarity in the community development are the sum of actions that as a whole are transformed into the great impact that the YMCA has since 42 years ago in the construction of the resurgence social of Medellin.

We have a commitment to the peace of Colombia as a social movement ecumenical sustainable, with emphasis on work with children, adolescents, youth, women and their families and victims of armed conflict, to contribute to the spiritual development, personal and social to contribute to the construction of a society of lasting peace.



It’s a demonstrative and productive space, located in La Ceja, a town near to Medellin (Colombia) that develops since 2009, three programs in the fields of training, agricultural production and tourism with more than 1800 beneficiaries to date. EDUCATION Environmental urban and rural youth promoters are trained through workshops conflict resolution, gender equality and life project. Also they receive knowledge on agro-ecology seeking to improve their quality of life through improving their farming practices and production of clean food. Advising rural educational institutions it is also supported by the assembly of school gardens and use of these products in restaurants in the school itself in order to transform their eating habits and increase food security. This is complemented by training teachers and adults to appropriate agro-ecological approach, and project, in the training process with children, young people and adults in primary, secondary and university education.


It is a program of youth training, which seeks to create strategies that build and strengthen organizational skills and youth participation through social collective projects, artistic, political, environmental, sports, communication and all those who promote the construction of the common good. CREATIVE LABS STRATEGIES: 1. Creation and formation of a social creative team. 2. Social and creative mentoring. 3. Conformation, training and support groups. 4. Laboratories itinerant people. 5. Incubator project. The transformation of young people in Medellin begins with actions focused on innovation from everyday experiences to strengthening environments and feed imaginary youth for community development.


The Families and youth project transforming realities seeks especially to strengthen family dynamics and youth of the communes 4, 12 and 13, where the YMCA Medellin has been doing his work, enhancing the intergenerational dialogue, and can enhance some youth and family experiences important existing in the communes mentioned and continue to accompany, to expand their work and facilitate generational relay, with the aim that youth continue to provide local development transforming their realities. The best in these scenarios is due to the need to continue developing training processes and generating new opportunities for children, adolescents, youth and adults, but further strengthening youth work and empowered and commitment to the development of their own life and that of their communities.




The YMCA Medellin seeks to promote Memory and Coexistence Non-violent strategies for the transformation of situations that violate Human Rights and Peace building from local contexts», developing for them, the following actions: 1. To promote reflection and training scenarios around memory and Coexistence as tools for social transformation. 2. Accompany and encourage initiatives and experiences of Memory and Coexistence city of Medellin. 3. Strengthen analytical perspectives in relation to the contexts and community experiences on the themes of memory Coexistence and Human Rights.


Is a process of support to the YMCA Medellin, which is in the process of consolidation as a meeting place and intergenerational dialogue that enables family relationships based on equality under the post-conflict. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROGRAM: Provide spaces for meeting and intergenerational dialogue that enables improve relations and communication within the family. Strengthen family relationships of population groups working with the institution. Participate scenarios alliance and dialogue that contribute to the development of the area of family at the YMCA Medellin.


In the YMCA Medellín we open spaces for youth and adults perform voluntary social work focused on human and coexistence values, in order to channel ideas into projects or projects with social imprint that have the potential to be shared and replicated by other young people from different latitudes. Our major focus is directed volunteer to help people of all ages, ethnic groups, spiritual, religious and social status of any beliefs, because we believe they are the protagonists of change they want and can do if they are supported.